My tribute artwork of Sec. Jesse

Last August 21, 2012, upon hearing what is this great that Sec. Jesse Robredo's is discovered, I had been inspire for it artwork as being a tribute for his plan to the country. This is often my simple method of showing my appreciation regardless of unsure him personally. I preferred to make a simple yet significant artwork that may capture his smile as well as the wonderful presence. Carrying out a couple of momemts, I turned up in this region by using this. We used different colors sha...Click t...

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My thirst quencher today throughout this hot day.

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One Life. How long? | 12seconds.tv (beta)

One Life. How long? on 12seconds.tv

One Life. How long? | 12seconds.tv (beta)

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Detour from Enchanted Kingdom to Tagaytay

We're here at Tagaytay. We were suppose to go to Enchanted Kingdom. But when we got there, a sea of people were just waiting to get in. A long line was formed just to buy tickets. So we decided to return next time. Man. We were really looking forward to go there.

Anyway, nothing is going to spoil our parade. That's why were here at Tagaytay. We're about to finish eating at Leslie's. On to the horses (if we can find it).

Director for a night

Here's a photo taken last night with me at the helm directing. Our director was absent and i was asked to take the helm. I was nervous but i got the hang of it.

Thanks to Christian who helped mw learn the ropes and the guys holding the cameras who were following my instructions.

It was fun and i won't hesitate doing it again.